Tividale FC came to Bubbletactics

Today the guys from Tividale FC came to Bubble tactics for their first experience of bubble football! The players were able to use the session as a great team bonding experience and a break from their usual training routine. With no red/yellow cards the lads were able to roll around in the zorbs and take each other out whilst trying to show off their football skills!

It was a great session for all involved and we had some fantastic tweets from the club and players afterwards!

“Better training session @Bubbletactics”

“Class afternoon at @Bubbletactics with the @tividale_fc lads! Some people hit the deck hard”

“@Bubbletactics @tividale_fc . Check out bubbletactics best laugh in ages. Quality staff . Check out there twitter account #bellyloffin”


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