Bubble Tactics Football @ Smestow School

Our Bubble Tactics Football Experience – From Students at Smestow School, Wolverhampton.

“On 1st April 12 a mixed group of Sixth Formers took part in playing “Bubble Football”. It was an afternoon filled with laughter, collisions and bruises and we would love to do it again! We started by testing out the bubbles by playing Bulldog and then moved on to Battle, which was a one-on-one tournament with the winner being the last man standing. Then we played a game of football, which was so much fun, and, to finish, it was everyone for themselves!  Overall the experience was amazing and I would love to do it again.”  Grace Nicholls – Year 12

“I really enjoyed Bubble games! It was exciting due to the fact there are no rules and the aim of the games were to collide with other players. It was a new experience that I will never forget! I feel more people should experience this.”   Mia Wright – Year 12

“Bubble football was brilliant. I would strongly recommend it for everyone. The best part was being able to wipe people out.” Ballie Fleet – Year 12